Welcome to our Cottage Gazebo Series.

These are fully enclosed gazebos that serve as a getaway in your own backyard.  They can be used to cover hotubs, or used as your own private retreat.  Sliding windows and door allow you to completely open it up to let the breeze come in, or to close them for full privacy.  Substitute tinted windows for complete full on privacy.  Many of our customers furnish these cottage gazebos with our accessories and use for outdoor picnics or an extra play area for the kids.

COTTAGE SERIES Kit Lexan Cottage Style Roof Bronze Sliding Windows

Model # Description Roof Dim Outside Inside Retail

CO99 Roof 6-4’ 2-2’ window sections 1 ¾ door 108”x108” 103”x103” 96”x96”
CO139 Roof 9-4’ window sections 1 full door 108”x156” 103”x151” 96”x144”
CO179 Roof 9-4’ window sections 1 full door 108”x204” 103”x199” 96”x192”